5 Reasons the Delta 8 Disposable Vape is Elite

delta 8 disposable vape

When you can puff something that gets you high that you won’t find anywhere else. And when you find an easy grab ’n go device like a disposable cart, they’re pretty much a dime a dozen now, right? But does that mean they’re all equal? (Answer: no.) 

So what defines a worthy disposable vape that gets the job done without being too costly for something you inevitably throw away (or lose)? 

We break down the whole shebang for you on disposable vapes, right down to the mechanics of them. Read on…

What is a Disposable Vape? 

A disposable vape is a precharged and prefilled vape pen containing the most popular flavors of cannabis vape juice (in this case, there are non-cannabis disposable vapes too). It’s something that you can take on the go and throw away once you use up the number of puffs. It’s also a great tool to use if you’re trying to give up nicotine, as studies have shown that cannabis can be a good medium to separate a smoker or vaper from the addiction or cravings of nicotine. 

So, what can you find with a Delta 8 disposable vape? Firstly, it offers you a serious pick-me-up when you need it and what you’ll experience is guaranteed to make you one happy puffer.  What you can expect from Delta 8 is intense, beneficial, and what better way to experience them than on the go! 

That’s what a disposable vape is. A vape pen that doesn’t require charging and holds somewhere between 1000+ to 5000+ pumps. They come in varying sizes, which equates to how many puffs they hold, and are easy, sleek, and great for budgets. 

Finding the Best Disposable Vape

When it comes to disposable vapes, what better way to know why vaping Delta 8 disposables are the way to go. Disposables are all the rage for a reason, but vaping 100% legal, hemp-derived weed is why we say they’re elite. In case you don’t believe us, we give you the top 5 reasons: 

  1. It’s Easy to Take on the Go
    Nothing says convenient like a Delta 8 disposable vape that you can take with you anywhere. The cylindrical design matches with regular disposable vapes and allows you to blend in with all the other vapers while offering a serious high that you can maintain with just a few puffs every hour or two!  
  2. It’s Sleek AF
    This design is perfectly showcased in the graphic for this article–it’s bold, it’s tight, and they fit into anything–a small purse, a jean pocket, your backpack, you name it. The colors pop for fire Snapchats and Insta stories, and the color scheme allows you to know which strain you’re about to puff so you easily get the high you want.  
  3. Looks Just Like a Vape Pen
    As mentioned before, there’s no ousting as a joint does for you when you puff on a Delta 8 disposable vape. Just like any regular disposable, these bad boys don’t give you away with what you’re smoking unless you want to show it off.  
  4. Just as Potent as a Joint
    86% Delta 8 THC in a 1 gram cylinder vape pen offers you an equivalency of a 1 gram joint. It’s the perfect hit to get you through the day, or to mellow you out at night before bed. No matter which strain you choose, its potency is tailored to give you the perfectly balanced high for getting faded while still being able to function.  
  5. Savor Every Puff Before You Toss
    As with any disposable, the puff count depends on your intensity of pulling. You can get anywhere between 2500+ puffs or less than 1000 if you pull intensely. But the important thing to remember is to enjoy each puff filled with terpenes and premium Delta 8 THC. 

What is the Most Popular Disposable Vape?

Are you ready to join the elite Delta 8 users? Prepare for a delicious hit and an even better fade. For the best disposable Delta 8 vape online, look no further than the #1 D8 THC Shop. We remain one of the first online stores for all things legal weed. And we have just one thing to say to you:

Choose your strain: Hawaiian Haze, Blue Zkittles, or Maui Wowie.  

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