The Significance of Purple Hemp Flower & How It Smokes

purple hemp flower

Purple is just a color, right? Not when it comes to purple hemp flower. Cannabis is well known for its vast array of strains, colored buds, and unique leaf shapes. Does purple hemp flower just have hype about its pigment cause it’s cool looking or is there something more to why it’s considered elite in the cannabis world? 

We’re here to go into why there is a reason why purple cannabis is in a realm of its own. Keep reading to uncover it…

What Purple Cannabis Strains Mean 

Can you name three top purple cannabis strains off the top of your head? Purple Haze, Granddaddy Purp, Purple Urkle. These purple strains are created by two simple things: pigment and temperature. The science behind how purple hemp flower is made is thanks to pigment molecules called anthocyanins. 

Anthocyanins are not just native to cannabis, but to most colored plants with red, blue, or purple coloration. It’s even the reason for leaves changing color in the fall! This chemical is considered a flavonoid, it plays a major role in the Entourage Effect of a cannabis plant by its collective grouping with other compounds to produce the well-rounded effects of a strain. (Flavonoids do not have anything to do with the flavor profile of cannabis.) 

So what do anthocyanins do in order to create those vivid purple hues in cannabis?

It has multiple functions other than just making vibrant colors. It helps protect plants, not just cannabis, from pathogens and ultraviolet radiation, making it a powerful antioxidant. 

Purple hemp flower is grown in lower temperature settings, which is how anthocyanins help the plant get its distinct color, as well as affecting the pH balance of the plant to netural. The colder the climate, the less chlorophyll is produced and keeps the leaves darker and more purple than green. As we know from our high school science classes, chlorophyll is the chemical that makes plants green, and just like in winter, there’s no green to be seen because it can’t be produced in such cold climates. 

The genetic lineage of purple hemp flower also plays a role, seeing as they are typically grown from cooler Asian climates like Purple Kush, originally from the Hindu-Kush mountain regions. Therefore, purple weed traces back to Indica strains specifically, as the cold temperatures grow shorter, bushier plants. 

And it’s as simple as that on how purple cannabis strains are made. Growing cannabis is certainly complex, but the science of specific strain coloration is pretty cut and dry. 

Is Purple Hemp Flower Stronger Than Green Weed?

Now, when it comes to the potency of purple weed, there is a divide among smokers that say it’s stronger than standard green strains. Is this true? While Indica strains are known to pack a higher body high, coining the phrase “couchlock” for a reason, purple hemp flower isn’t any more potent than other strains. 

Sometimes, depending on where and how it’s grown, purple weed can actually decrease in THC concentration if it’s too cold. So the exact farming of cannabis has to be carefully monitored to keep the right percentages for each strain. But the color purple simply represents that the plant in question is more likely to be an Indica thanks to its flavonoid profile. 

Remember how we mentioned anthocyanins protect against pathogens? That’s because it’s a powerful antioxidant, and combined with another flavonoid, carotenoids, your purple cannabis strain can provide you with some serious relief benefits. Smoking cannabis has always been the best way to feel the effects of whatever strain you rolled up, or heated up in your bowl. 

When you buy purple weed, just remember that the color doesn’t make the flower. The THC percentage, as well as the CBD count, the terpenes, and the trichomes, are what you want to pay attention to so you get the best high for your buck. Top shelf hemp flower is hard to find from reliable sellers, so stick with the #1 online shop for all things legal weed, and browse our selection of purple hemp flower, and green cannabis strains, to fly on the perfect high. 

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