What Does Delta 8 Feel Like?

what does delta 8 feel like

Who would have thought that a year ago Delta 8 would cause as much hoopla and be so on demand? Delta 9 took a backseat during the pandemic, and Delta 8 certainly came in at the right time for all of us. Not only does D8 weed mellow you out, but its unique ability to get you high without the usual anxiety attacks or paranoia also made it a must have for pro smokers and newbies alike in 2020 amid the pandemic. 

The fact that it’s legal? 

Insert Spongebob breathing out meme here. 

While the majority of us all have heard of or smoked Delta 8 already, for anyone just entering this heavily saturated market for legal weed, we’ll go through everything you want to know about it. Starting, of course, with the very foundation question everyone can’t fathom: What does Delta 8 feel like? 

Describing the Delta 8 THC Feeling

Is Delta 8 like Delta 9? Yes, in a way. Both are tetrahydrocannabinol compounds derived from the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. What do you think the major difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 is? Weed is weed, right? Delta 8 may be considered new, however, what many people aren’t aware of is that this version of THC has always been there, just in small concentrations. 

Delta 8 is extracted from a regular hemp-derived cannabis plant, and is actually found more in CBD plants than marijuana. This adds to the powerful effects of Delta 8 THC and its pain-relieving benefits. When the pandemic hit, Delta 8 soared in popularity because of its ability to calm, relax, and unwind all the stress and anxiety that we all felt from having our normal lives turned upside down. 

So what does Delta 8 feel like?

Whether you smoke or eat it, the high you experience from Delta 8 is as potent as it is relaxing. You won’t get the typical “couchlock” feeling, but you will get those strong Indica-type effects to relieve your mind and body of whatever’s not vibing right. It’s been described best as a “smooth, level high that’s light in the head buzz with a calming and relaxing body feeling.” 

Imagine an Indica strain but that clears your head while chilling your body out. That’s the Delta 8 THC feeling. 

Delta 8 Side Effects

Like all things ingested, side effects are common. So what are the side effects of Delta 8? With most cannabis strains when smoked, some have dry mouth, others dry eyes or grogginess, or you could possibly get too high from smoking too much in a short time period. Unlike prescription drugs, serious side effects are not an issue when you smoke weed, and unless you’re new to it or have trouble being high, the usual list of things to avoid is driving while high since your response time can be lowered when you’re baked.

So Delta 8 side effects aren’t really “side effects” compared to other drugs. 

 Is Delta 8 Legal?

Delta 8 offers many things but what you don’t have to worry about is it being illegal. How is Delta legal when it’s weed? Luckily, the Hemp Act 2018 categorized hemp-derived products as legal as long as they had under 0.03% Delta 9 THC. And Delta 8 THC has less than that amount of Delta 9 when extracted out of cannabis plants and you know what that means?

Legal weed, protected under a bill signed and approved by the president of the United States. Since this Act was signed, the USDA has raised the limit for hemp THC levels when farmed to 1% THC, thereby expanding the number of hemp crops grown by US farmers. Before it had to be under 0.05% while the crop was growing and if tested above that percentage, the entire field had to be destroyed. 

Another bonus about Delta 8 being legal, you don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy it. 

With Delta 8’s legal status, not every state is so keen to allow it to stay that way. Each state has different laws or new bans on Delta 8, so make sure to check out this list of states where Delta 8 is legal. 

Does Delta 8 Show Up On a Drug Test?

Yes, Delta 8 will make you fail a drug test. It is a variant of Delta 9 and a type of tetrahydrocannabinol and will show up in your standard urine drug test, as well as hair follicle and blood tests. While it won’t show on the test results as Delta 9, it can get you in trouble for not passing a drug test if required by work, probation, etc. 

How Long Does Delta 8 Stay in Your System?

Just like normal marijuana, Delta 8 will stay in your system for anywhere from 4 to 8 days. It lingers in your body like Delta 9 THC does therefore smoke accordingly if you’re worried about drug testing.

Where is Delta 8 Available? 

Now that you know the ins and outs of the questions: what does Delta 8 feel like, if you’re looking for weed with more therapeutic benefits, then Delta 8 is absolutely what you should try. Say bye-bye to stress and let all of your anxiety and physical discomfort fade away with each puff. Delta 8 THC comes in a variety of forms, with wild new edibles available, including your standard weed cartridges, vape disposables, and all the best strains of weed you’re used to. 

Delta 8 is available pretty much everywhere now but if you want high-quality, indoor grown, top shelf Delta 8, then stick with the underdog Delta 8 website of choice for users, D8 THC Shop. We have everything you need, plus CBD, CBG, and soon, Delta 10. 

Fly on the Perfect High with D8! 

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