What Does CBD Do?

what does cbd do

We’ve all heard it one way or another. It’s now as common as your favorite product at the grocery store. It’s CBD and it’s everywhere. The benefits are plentiful and the demographic of those who use CBD ranges from hipsters to yoga-enthusiasts to people with disabilities. Not only that, but the versatility of CBD also unfolded into the health, beauty, and medical industries like a raging bull, with consumers flocking to buy every variation available. 

So, how about we go in-depth on what does CBD do, and why it could be your new favorite commodity?

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of over 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. No, it’s not marijuana (weed/THC) and no, CBD does not get you high. It’s one of the few structures within hemp-derived cannabis that is non-psychoactive. What CBD does do is interact with the endocannabinoid system, but in a different way than THC (it actually reduces the psychoactive effects of THC), as well as other receptors and ion channels in our brain.

It interacts not only with the CB1-2 receptors in the brain, but also serotonin and opioid receptors. It has the ability to inhibit and enhance receptors from transmitting signals to different systems in our body. Studies have shown that CBD boosts naturally occurring endocannabinoids in our brain, thereby explaining the wide range of benefits it covers!

Cannabidiol came into the mainstream after the Farm Bill 2018, but there was production of it in the beauty and health industries for several years before the big boom. CBD topicals for pain and supplements for general wellness were around the time the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, when before that only hemp seed oil and flour were legally allowed for public sale. 

It’s been hailed as a wellness wonder, ideal for everyday health and immunity support. A cannabis product? Really? It’s used mainly for medical purposes after all. It begs the question: what does CBD do? Well, a little bit of everything! 

Don’t worry though, we’re not going to be that ambiguous. Here’s everything cannabidiol can do, both physically for your body and mentally:

  1. It treats pain. This compound has shown to block neuropathic pain and inflammation, the two main chronic pain factors. Vanilloid receptors control body temperature, inflammation, and the ability to feel pain, and cannabidiol interacts with these to block signals from being hindered by the two latter functions.
  2. It reduces inflammation. Reacting with neurotransmitters, it delays the reuptake of certain ones that control blood flow and cardiovascular function. High blood pressure is also thought to be lowered when taking cannabidiol because of this interaction.
  3. It may be an option for treating epilepsy. Since the mid-2000s, it has been studied and trialed for seizures as it’s shown that it can drastically reduce them when taken in high concentrations.
  4. It helps with insomnia and anxiety/depression. It corresponds with serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior, and therefore calms the system from anxiety and stress. By reducing chronic pain and relaxing the endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol can promote better sleep habits.
  5. It may prevent some cancers. Cannabidiol activates certain receptors in the brain that create an anti-proliferative effect and induces tumor regression and cancer cell shrinkage. 

Cannabidiol works as an everyday remedy for the various issues stated above. Consumers flock to CBD for relief and look forward to a normal daily routine thanks to its beneficial properties. For anyone who struggles with pain management, anxiety, certain conditions, and stress, this main cannabinoid might just be your solution. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil 

Finding a good, high-quality CBD oil or product these days is actually quite a challenge. With the surge in production and consumer demand, new companies are popping up on the daily. So how can you differentiate the quality vs the diluted products? 

Third-party testing is number one since these lab reports show the actual percentages of CBD in each item. Just because a cannabis site has thousands of reviews or is a big brand name doesn’t always mean that their products are the best out there for your needs. Transparency is another main factor to look for when you’re buying CBD products (or any products for that matter). 

A companies values and honesty are translatable through its website and the accuracy of its products. A smaller business will have a smaller store but higher quality products. Bigger doesn’t mean best! 

While CBD oil is a great option to choose from, there’s plenty of variations that you shouldn’t overlook. CBD flower is the fastest way to feel the effects, and CBD pre-rolls are already made so you can light up instantly instead of rolling your own cone. CBD gummies are another alternative, with a less hemp taste and no odor compared to tinctures and buds. You have options for taking CBD, and that’s what matters! 

For high-quality CBD products, check out our online store, which also includes CBG and Delta 8 THC (the legal THC). There’s something for every preference, including low, medium, and high concentrations of hemp-derived cannabidiol!

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