What Are The Legal Weed States?

legal weed states

So, the title of this article is a bit of a double-edged sword. Because there are three variations of legal weed that have to be taken into account. There’s medical marijuana that requires an MMJ card, legal recreational marijuana and decriminalized marijuana. Where we get into the tricky part about discerning legal weed states is that not every legal state has the same regulations or 3 variables of legal cannabis. 

To make it easy for you, we’re going over each of the 3 legalizations and how to figure out what you can buy legally in your state. 

What States Have Legalized Weed?

You would think that it’s only been recent that legalized marijuana was passed in the US, but you might be surprised to learn that some states legalized weed as far back as 1996 through the early 2000s. Recreational weed is what has really rallied itself in the last few years, and even then, only 16 states, including DC, have made weed legal for consumers over the age of 21. 

There’s a lot of gray area regarding legal weed states and what is classified okay to have or do with it in each of the 37 states. Let’s cover everything regarding each of these states because there are a lot of legalities to remember for their individual laws about legal weed:

  1. Alaska – 1oz Usable THC Medically | 1oz Usable Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  2. Arizona – 2.5oz Usable in a 14 Day Period Medically | 1oz Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  3. Arkansas – 2.5oz Usable in a 2-week time-period Medically
  4. California – 8oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable, 8g Hash/Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  5. Colorado – 2oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable, 1oz Hash/Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  6. Connecticut – 2.5oz Usable Medically | Decriminalized 
  7. Delaware – 6oz Usable Medically | Decriminalized 
  8. DC – 2oz Dried Medically | 2oz Usable Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  9. Florida – 35-day Supply Medically 
  10. Hawaii – 4oz Usable Medically | Decriminalized 
  11. Illinois – 2.5oz Usable in 14 Day Period Medically | 1oz Usable, 5g Hash/Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  12. Louisiana – 1 Month Supply Medically 
  13. Maine – 2.5oz Usable Medically | 2.5oz Usable, 5g Hash/Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  14. Maryland – 30-Day Supply Medically | Decriminalized 
  15. Massachusetts – 60-Day Supply (10oz) Medically | 1oz Usable, 5g Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  16. Michigan – 2.5oz Usable Medically | 2.5oz Usable, 15g Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized | Decriminalized 
  17. Minnesota – 30-Day Supply (Non-Smokable) Medically | Decriminalized 
  18. Mississippi – 2.5oz Usable Medically | Decriminalized 
  19. Missouri – 4oz Dried per 30-Day Period Medically | Decriminalized 
  20. Montana – 1oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable, 8g Hash/Concentrates | Decriminalized 
  21. Nevada – 2.5oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable, 3.5g Hash/Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  22. New Hampshire – 2oz 10-Day Period Medically | Decriminalized 
  23. New Jersey – 3oz Usable Medically | TBD in New Legislation for Recreational | Decriminalized 
  24. New Mexico – 6oz Usable Medically | Decriminalized 
  25. New York – 30 Day Supply Medically | Decriminalized 
  26. North Dakota – 3oz 14-Day Period Medically | Decriminalized 
  27. Ohio – Max 90-Day Supply Medically | Decriminalized 
  28. Oklahoma – 3oz Usable Medically 
  29. Oregon – 24oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable in Public, 16oz Solid Marijuana-Infused, 72oz Liquid-Infused, 1oz Extract at Home of Hash/Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  30. Pennsylvania – 30-Day Supply Medically 
  31. Rhode Island – 2.5oz Usable Medically | Decriminalized 
  32. South Dakota – 3oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable, 8g Hash/Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  33. Utah – 113grams Unprocessed Cannabis Medically 
  34. Vermont – 2oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable, 5g Hash Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  35. Virginia – 90-Day Supply Cannabis Extracts Medically | Decriminalized 
  36. Washington – 8oz Usable Medically | 1oz Usable, 16oz Solid Marijuana-Infused, 72oz Liquid-Infused, 7g Concentrates Recreationally | Decriminalized 
  37. West Virginia – 30-Day Supply Medically 

Though legislation may have passed making certain aspects of weed legal, there are a lot of hoops and barriers to avoid. For full details of the full legislation and what is allowed legal in all 3 versions (medical, recreational, decriminalized) it’s best to check the state’s laws in full. Aside from the ones specifically mentioning public use does mean that cannabis varieties are still not legally allowed to be smoked for all to see, and possession of it outside of the home is something to be cautious about. The limitations are strict, even with medical use let alone legal recreational marijuana. 

Weed dispensaries have to follow the strict guidelines following any state’s legislation terms and conditions and even buying legal weed online has its limitations. Local delivery is usually all that’s available, and if you’re in a state with few dispensaries throughout the state borders, then being able to smoke weed legally doesn’t really do you much good. 

That’s how Delta 8 THC picked up steam since it’s a 100% legal THC that you can buy anywhere and without a medical marijuana card. Delta 8 is for sale online, with no shipping restrictions for sending out to any of the 37 states with legalized weed! For the best Delta 8 products, check out our online shop with all the popular strains, edibles, carts, and more (plus we also sell CBD and CBG products). 

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