How You Can Use Delta 8 Honey Sticks

delta 8 honey sticks

While there’s plenty of edibles out there, we thought you should know the full breadth of why our Delta 8 Honey Sticks are a worthwhile product to try. It may seem pretty straightforward, but these bad boys actually have a lot of versatility to them, while also having their own style of effects. 

So, let’s go into the world of Delta 8 Honey Sticks and what they have to offer… 

No Ordinary Honey Sticks 

What’s so great about a couple of honey sticks? Well, let’s picture this: you’re at home. You’ve had a long day. You just want to relax. A cup of tea sounds nice, but wouldn’t a cup of tea that got you high sound even better? We thought so! That’s why you can add Delta 8 honey sticks to your beverage of choice (tea + honey is just an excellent combo) for a hit that comes at you unexpectedly. 

But what can you expect unexpectedly? 

Let’s run through the effects of Delta 8 mixed with a sugary edible:

  • Delta 8 THC is a milder version of Delta 9 THC, without the paranoia or anxiety tied to the well-known form of marijuana. 
  • The high has been described as 50% less intense than △9, however, in the form of edibles, in particular, the potency is pretty epic. 
  • Sugar always speeds up the hit of marijuana since it enters your bloodstream quicker, thereby bringing the good vibes along with the usual sugar high.
  • Edibles tend to fade you the F out, and our Delta 8 honey sticks are no different. 
  • You can feel a full-body relaxation come over you, calmness chasing away your fried nerves, and a cerebral buzz that’s perfect to mellow you out after a stressful day. 
  • Almost 27% CBD is also in our Delta 8 Honey Sticks, which bumps up the relaxing and relieving benefits of this edible! 
  • The honey is locally harvested and organic for a clean addition to your drink (or straight eating). 

Why This Edible is Worth Trying 

Most edibles aren’t nano-emulsified, but these are in order to properly incorporate the Delta 8 with the honey. Since it’s packed with cannabinoids, along with 100% legal THC, it’s the ultimate sweetener before bed. The best part is that because it’s in a slim honey stick packet, you can even eat them straight anywhere you want! 

It’s a great, discrete way to enjoy a high without being obvious with a joint, dessert, or weed pen in your hand! What’s better than feeling relief in a subtle form, but with a nice wallop of relaxing effects? They’re easily portable, very tasty, and an excellent addition to any tea, sweet, or a mouthful of it straight from the tube. 

If you’re bored of the regular edibles available, then we highly recommend you give our Delta 8 Honey Sticks a whirl! We personally love them, and who knows, they might turn out to be your favorite nightcap from here on out! 

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