What’s the Strongest Delta 8 Flower?

strongest delta 8 flower

We all know by now that Delta 8 flower is the shit. It hits just like normal weed and even though it’s considered “diet weed” or “lite weed” means it definitely doesn’t lack with its long-lasting high. But just like with marijuana, does hemp-derived Delta 8 have an elite strain that hits different? Hits stronger than other Delta 8 flower? 

Let’s check it out… 

What Makes Delta 8 Flower Different Than Other Buds?

There are plenty of strains out there, I mean, the list is basically neverending. Some OG and rare, others so popular that you can find them at any local dispensary. With Delta 8 THC now available even in vape shops and CBD brick and mortar stores, it can be overwhelming to find what flower is going to be the right one for you when you want to light up. 

Delta 8 has never before had any kind of popularity before last year–the only blessing found in 2020 in our eyes–and what many of you don’t know is how you should take Delta 8 to get the most out of it. Do you smoke it, ingest it, vape it, or try it in an edible? Delta 8 is one of the only compounds of THC that is legal and does not require a medical marijuana card to buy.

Delta 8 has many capabilities that offer smokers the ability to find relief, whether by ingesting it via edibles or tinctures or smoking it by means of carts, vape juice, or joints. The versatility of Delta 8 products is constantly breaking new ground and offering diverse products for when you really want to find the best Delta 8 that there is. 

What you can’t get with Delta 8 is the anxiety or paranoia typically found when smoking Delta 9, the original form of marijuana. What you can get from Delta 8 is nothing short of potent and hits just the right spot. What can be said about Delta 8 other than it has serious potent powers when it comes to finding something that can be considered a very unique type of high. 

Depending on what type of Delta 8 you’re trying, some variations are stronger than others. While Delta 8 Indica strains will be more intense (Delta 8 effects are already tipped towards Indica effects), than Delta 8 Sativa strains, you can’t go wrong with either–especially since it’s legal THC! 

Strongest Delta 8 Flower Strains Available 

As previously mentioned, there’s a wide variety of flower to choose from, but finding the strongest Delta 8 flower is what we’re all here for. With that in mind, we put together our favorite and most potent strains below: 

Frosted Lime Delta 8 Flower: one of our top sellers thanks to nearly 20% CBD and ideal effects to blow away all the stresses of covid. And it just smells heavenly that you won’t want to stop smoking it.  

Bubba 88: for a strong but perfect blend of Indica and Sativa effects, look no further. It hits quickly, lasts a long time, and gives you those floating vibes to relax, but a boost of creativity at the same time. Also, prepare for the best night of sleep once you head to bed after smoking this one! 

Purple Gas: An Indica that doesn’t give you couchlock? That’s Purple Gas for you, to release any aches or anxiety while mellowing you out just right.  

Lifter: as its name suggests, this Sativa strain lifts you right up with its bold nose and potency thanks to the helpful hand of 13% CBD concentrate on top of the powerful effects of Delta 8 THC. 

Hempress: just call her the Queen of the Night before you light her up! Nearly 18% CBD content and a sprinkling of kief to this Indica Hydrid does the trick to slaying any body ailments that stop you from finally relaxing.  

Mongo: heavy in CBD, plus an added bonus of THC-A, this Indica Hybrid is delicious, strong, and perfect for helping you relax at the end of the day.  

Bubba Moon Rocks: elevate any of the best-selling or personal favorite Delta 8 flower strains by adding moon rocks to your joint or bowl! Flower + wax + kief = a high straight into the clouds. 

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls: make strong highs even easier with our kief-covered pre-rolls! You get all the potency of various popular strains, plus covered in Delta 8 oil, plus rolled in kief. We also have them in a 24 pack special too! Also available in our exclusive White Rhino strain as singles or 24 pack.  

Finding Your Strongest Delta 8 Flower 

As always, strains hit differently for everyone. Any of the above-featured flowers will certainly get the job done, so it’s just up to what your needs are and your preference of weed specifics. And when all else fails and you just need something to transform your need to get high, our Delta 8 gummies are legend…wait for it…dary! 

Happy blazing.

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