The Benefits of Smoking Hemp-Derived Delta 8 vs Ingesting It

hemp derived delta 8

When it comes to hemp-derived products, you have a pretty wide array to choose from. With industrial hemp being legalized in nearly all 50 states, the real victor to come out of the Farm Bill 2018 is hemp-derived Delta 8. A legal high with less potent effects makes Delta 8 THC an ideal choice for recreational and medicinal users that want the promise of THC but with less severe results. 

However, even with hemp-derived Delta 8, you still have a plethora of options that can be overwhelming and deliver potent to mellow effects. So, the real decision is will you smoke it or ingest it? Let’s take a look at which version best suits your legal weed needs!

Hemp-Derived Delta 8 Products: A Review

The Delta 8 THC feeling has been best described as 50% less than your average joint containing Delta 9 THC (the illegal version that has concreted the term marijuana as the substance that gets you stoned). Now, with hemp-derived Delta 8, there’s a whole new market open to hemp flower, tinctures, carts, and edibles. 

But, for anyone who has dabbled in dab, buds, weed pens, and the consumer fav, edibles, you know that not every type of THC product hits the same. The fastest way to achieve the effects of Delta 8 is by smoking it, but if you’re willing to wait to get faded, then edibles are the way to go. 

It should be a fairly simple black and white answer, right? To smoke or to swallow? 

Not quite. 

With the versatility of Delta 8 Distillate, you’ll find that there’s a broad selection of edibles you can buy (or make yourself if you’re willing to have the patience and struggle to calculate the recipe correctly). We’re talking everything from the OG weed gummies to newer creations like Rice Krispie treats, peanut brittle, even honey sticks

The tricky part of edibles is that each one contains different milligrams of Delta 8 distillate, therefore the high can hit faster than smoking it or can take the full hour for you to feel. The best thing you can do for your legal THC habits is to educate yourself on the timetables of when Delta 8 products go into effect. We made it concise for you in the bullet points below: 

  • Cannabis Gummies: usually hits in an hour and lasts anywhere between 4-12 hours. Weight, metabolism, and when you last ate also come into play for when effects will turn on and how long they last. 
  • Delta 8 Candy: sugar hits the bloodstream faster than gummy ingredients, therefore the effects of these edibles come on within 15 mins and they hit hard. If you eat the Delta 8 peanut brittle, the entire piece contains 150mg of Δ8 so eat sparingly until you experience how high you get from a small piece and expand from there. 
  • Delta 8 Syrup: another newer creation and one that hits you fast and takes you on a brazing high. As a liquid sugar, it’s similar to candy edibles with how quickly you feel it. 
  • Delta 8 Hemp Flower: after the first puff, you can feel the haze in just a few seconds, but the real effects occur within 2-10 minutes, depending on the strain, potency, and the number of puffs you take. 

A good rule of thumb is that anything containing sugars hits faster, but smoking buds enter your bloodstream through your mouth and lungs, so the two go pretty much hand in hand with each other on when the effects kick in. 

The Benefits of Smoking Delta 8

While edibles are certainly fun and less aromatic, the real joy of Delta 8 comes from smoking it. With a less intense high, the main benefit of smoking Δ8THC is keeping your mental clarity intact even while you’re faded! That means that your day to day activities won’t be disturbed by feeling couch-lock or foggy. You get all the benefits of THC but without being unable to work or finish your long list of things to do each day. 

Another bonus about hemp-derived Delta 8 is that anyone who can’t tolerate the neediness of Delta 9 can certainly handle THC better with Delta 8! If your stomach doesn’t handle it well or the paranoia attached to THC is too cumbersome, you won’t have any of those negative effects with Δ8THC!

Anxiety, pain, insomnia, stress…feel the relief just the same but avoid feeling too faded. It’s like Goldilocks: Delta 8 is just right!

Where is Delta 8 Available? 

Finding the best Delta 8 online can be a major scroll-fest. With so many new websites popping up offering Delta 8 products, it can be hard to know which one is the most legit. Sure, you can go for the big brands that show up first on your Google search, but just remember that the quality and concentration levels of Delta 8 go down the bigger a company gets (supply vs demand) in order to still make a profit. 

At D8 THC Shop, we care more about selling the best weed online, especially hemp-derived Delta 8. It’s legal, it gets you high, but it also doesn’t come with the paranoia or anxiety attacks that are linked with Delta 9 THC. Our values are about high-quality, organic, Non-GMO, and indoor-grown hemp for the consumer. 

We offer the top-selling strains, fun new versions of edibles, and great deals on disposable carts – all with third-party lab reports showing the true percentage of THC and CBD in the product of your choice. So, whether you’re ingesting or smoking hemp-derived Delta 8, you’ll feel it. 

The question you have to ask yourself is: what are you in the mood for? 

Happy blazing!

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