Product Highlight: Delta 8 Vape Juice Additive

delta 8 vape juice

Vape juice, let’s talk about it. Whether you like to vape regular e-juice or puff away with a weed pen, the fact is that Delta 8 vape juice has swept in to be a major contender with the vaping industry. In the last ten years, before advances in harnessing cannabis for different variations were limited to hash, flower, and homemade edibles. 

Now, with dabs, cartridges, moon rocks, and more legit edibles than ever are available, including the creation of weed e-juice. Vaping skyrocketed in the mid-2000s and even with all the restrictions and laws trying to ban it, it’s not going anywhere but up. 

In this article, you’ll get all the answers you want about Delta 8 vape juice, what it does, if it gets you high, and why it’s worth adding to your cannabis collection.

What is Delta 8 Vape Juice?

Let’s cover the basics. Delta 8 vape juice is made using the same standard process of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and instead of nicotine, Delta 8 concentrate is added. Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid with psychotropic effects like regular marijuana but at about 50% the potency. 

The benefits of Delta 8 are known to be relaxing, offering a full body effect while serving up a less intense head buzz. The best part is that you can function better while high with Delta 8 than Delta 9. Another great aspect of Delta 8 is because it’s hemp-derived, it falls under the Hemp Act 2018 and is considered legal. No medical marijuana card and no concern of legality issues.

For vaping with Delta 8, a functional high is the easiest way to describe how it and other ∆8 products feel. It can get you ridiculously faded or just a mild buzz. Vaping offers such a distinct habit for smokers and instead of bouncing between weed and vaping, this gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy both at the same time. 

So why choose it in the vape juice form?

Let’s go over what you’ll experience vaping Delta 8. 

Does Delta 8 Vape Juice Get You High?

Yes, it absolutely does. Delta 8 has the same effects as something normal pot, just with less potency. This means that you won’t be as high and there are no paranoia or anxiety attacks that some experience with Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 is most known for being a powerful anxiolytic compound, which is usually not the case for weed. 

When you need a dose of relaxation, an escape from your stress, imagine being able to vape cannabis like a normal e-juice? You can expect a smooth, manageable high that takes away aches, anxiety, insomnia, and mellows you out in a well-rounded hit. 

Delta 8 Vape Juice vs Delta 8 Cartridges 

Is there a difference between them? Yes. Delta 8 cartridges are pre-filled tanks that can be attached to any standard weed pen and swapped out for different strains. They are only made for 510 thread battery pens. Delta 8 vape juice can be added to regular mods and vape tanks. 

A unique aspect to the Delta 8 vape juice additive version that D8 THC Shop sells is you can add this e-juice to any regular juice for the hit of weed but the flavor of your favorite e-liquid. Other vape juices contain terpenes for the flavor of specific strains for Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid

This versatility of the additive is that because it’s unflavored, no one will know you have legal THC in it but you. Plus, vape juice is more cost-effective, easier to use (they don’t clog the atomizer as much as cartridges do), and come in a wider selection of formulas, flavors, etc. Case in point: Delta 8 carts are vastly different than weed vape juice. 

Is It Worth Trying? 

For vaping enthusiasts, giving Delta 8 e-liquid a spin adds a unique take on your favorite pastime. Smoking becomes that much easier when you blend the lines between vaping and THC. With the Delta 8 vape juice additive, you choose how much you add and therefore control how potent your high will be. 

Will you settle for a small squeeze of the e-liquid? 

Or a full tank to go big or go home?

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