Growing Indoor Hemp Flower or Outdoor: What’s Better?

indoor hemp flower

Does it matter if you buy indoor hemp flower or outdoor hemp flower? Does indoor vs outdoor hemp really make a difference? It was always Indica vs Sativa as the main comparison, or Indica vs Sativa vs hybrid since there are so many crossovers of strains these days. Well, with the boom of hemp after the 2014 Farm Bill and now the Farm Bill 2018, quality reigns supreme for consumers and sellers alike. 

The forms of growing cannabis comes in 3 different variations, actually:

  1. Indoor Hemp Flower
  2. Outdoor Hemp Flower
  3. Greenhouse Hemp Flower

Which of these 3 growing options produces the best hemp? 

It’s unanimous across the hemp agricultural industry – indoor growing!

Why is indoor growing better than the other two variations? The highest quality, premium hemp flower is cultivated indoors for several reasons. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Indoor Hemp Flower = Top Shelf

A connoisseur of CBD, hemp, and cannabis will agree that indoor strains trump outdoor and greenhouse growing for these three reasons: 

  1. Bag Appeal. Just like with a nice branded box or choosing a top-shelf liquor instead of the cheaper kind, indoor hemp flower has a much higher quality bag appeal for selling. It’s not just about appearance though, when it comes to hemp flower. No, we’re talking about trim, aroma, and quality too.
  2. Controlled Environment. Unlike greenhouses and outdoor farms of cannabis, indoor hemp flower growing allows the plants to grow in peace, without having to adapt to their environment. Even greenhouses are typically outdoor and have to be monitored for temperature from heat, storms, and winter. Indoor growing lets the grower have full control of the wheel, 24/7/365.
  3. Better Buds. Indoor hemp flower produces denser plants with more resin. Because of these factors, the plants have a healthier appearance, stronger colors and aroma, and a potent concentration of cannabinoids. 

With indoor growing, there are so many more benefits and capabilities for the grower to take optimum care for cannabis plants, such as:

  • Ideal Ventilation 
  • Grow Light Scheduled Cycles
  • Measured & Curated Added Nutrients
  • Grower Controlled Manipulation & Adjustments to Growth Conditions

Because of these points, however, the cost for both consumer and grower equate to a more expensive flower. But isn’t the cost of quality so worth it, compared to a bud that doesn’t hit the spot or can come with adverse effects from an improper harvest or subpar percentages of cannabinoids and terpenes?

You pay for quality and a splendid high, you settle for cheap and ineffective

Outdoor Hemp Flower Factors 

Nature is a gift, and what was first grown in the Earth will always be the OG. However, the limitations of outdoor hemp flower leave too many gaps open for distribution purposes. Whereas with indoor growing, you can finetune every detail and aspect of plant production, including what artificial light settings to use. 

With outdoor hemp flower, it’s grown from the sun and there’s little more than that we can specify. Sure, the type of fertilizer used and time of harvest from seeding are known, but all those minute variables are lost and put in the hands of Mother Earth. Planting cannabis is also more difficult outdoor as seasons and the state where it’s grown all have contributing factors that make outdoor hemp flower much more volatile to grow, especially potent harvests. 

While hemp flower is a hearty plant and by no means fragile, this aspect does not interfere with why you should grow hemp flower indoors vs outdoors. It’s the control of a vast majority of the crops needs and settings than you can customize when planting them indoors vs outdoors. Another main disadvantage of outdoor hemp flower is the energy output of the plant to adapt to their environment, which is not an issue with indoor growing. 

Why does this matter? 

When cannabis plants have to adapt, they become less dense and a darker color, meaning that the content and potency of the flower is lowered. It’s not to say that outdoor hemp flower isn’t still a tasty, aromatic high. The costs of indoor are one of the biggest reasons that every major supplier doesn’t have entirely indoor-strains. 

From a very seasoned and skilled grower, outdoor hemp can keep up to the standards and levels of indoor hemp flower, but it’s a more difficult result to achieve, especially for novice hemp growers. An upside to outdoor growing is the amount of hemp that you can plant and harvest, due to the larger fields. Either way, both versions of cannabis growing take time, research, land, and equipment to produce the best hemp. 

Greenhouse-Grown Hemp

This is the middle sibling, the split between indoor and outdoor growing. It’s exposed to the sunlight but is in a more controlled environment so that the grower is able to adjust the plant accordingly, unlike when it’s out in a field. The benefit of greenhouse hemp is that the buds are definitely denser than almost all outdoor hemp flower and is a more affordable alternative to indoor growing. 

Patience is critical when it comes to greenhouse-grown hemp, however. It’s truly a split down the middle option, both in terms of expensive for growing the plant and for the quality buyers want. It’s neither cream of the crop nor the bottom of the barrel. The choice is yours. 

Moral of the Story

Indoor hemp flower is the elite, and won’t be changing anytime soon. The reputation has been earned and the placard inscribed with the victor for many years to come. Ultimately, when it comes to indoor hemp flower vs outdoor hemp flower, the battle isn’t with which growing style but with the skill and perseverance of the grower. 

Indoor hemp flower is the clear winner, but that doesn’t mean its two competitors aren’t worth taking note of. For the highest quality hemp flower, make sure to check out our online store for potent, powerful, and palette-tasty products to delight and deserve the top ratings from all walks of hemp smokers. Standards are tailored to the consumer, not cost-efficiency at D8 THC Shop.     

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