How to Use Vape Pens: Delta 8 Version

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If you’ve vaped before, you understand the general concept of vape pens. However, a weed vape pen is a bit different than just your average mod box or vaping instrument. Vape pens, or also known as a weed pen, work a little bit differently and have actually a more convenient method to buying weed oil vs vape juice. 

Now, don’t feel weird if you’re having difficulty using your vape pen. We’re here to explain it all simply and usefully, so you can start puffing right as you receive your order! 

What is a Vape Pen?

Let’s roll it back to the basics. A vape pen has had quite the transformation from the original e-cigarette a few decades ago (yes, they’re that old!). They’re primarily used now for a cannabis oil cartridge or as a CBD vape. The vape pens we’re talking about have the versatility to change out cartridges and can be vaped using various substances, though of course, we’re mainly referring to the Delta 8 cart strains we sell. 

The model in reference, to be specific, is the 510 Threads cartridge battery, and the power source to heat up the vape tank – where the oil is – comes from the body of the vape pen. It’s slim, cylindrical, rechargeable, and most are pocket-sized. The evolution of a weed pen has produced disposable cartridges too, which can be purchased as one whole pen with a flavor/strain of your choice, and you puff it away until it’s empty, then throw the whole thing away. 

The main vape pens are not disposable, and you repeatedly charge them via USB and can swap out carts to whatever strain you’re in the mood for. There’s also push-button vape pens or draw-activated vape pens. The latter works when you take a puff, automatically turning on while the former required manual pressing on the pen to allow you to inhale the Delta 8 cart. 

Our cartridges fit the standard 510 Threads battery. All you have to do is push in the new cart into the main body of the weed pen, and make sure it’s charged to enjoy your latest strain purchase of Delta 8 THC! 

Most cannabis oil cartridge strains are pre-filled, so when you buy one, you’re receiving the tank with the oil and the mouthpiece. It’s as easy as opening the package, remove the rubber seal that keeps your oil securely in the tank, connect the cartridge on your weed pen battery, and take a hit! 

It’s always best to press the button of your weed pen once it’s on your lips, not before (this keeps it from burning you), and take a small puff then wait a few minutes to gauge the effects before taking another hit. With THC in particular, using vape pens is a learning curve compared to vaping nicotine. You can’t just keep puffing away. 

Be patient, take it slow, and find your own pace to best enjoy your Delta 8 cart! 

Buying a Delta 8 Cart 

If you’ve already had a regular weed cart, then switching to a Delta 8 cart should be a breeze. With less potency than Delta 9, you’ll find that the high is more subtle but certainly does the trick. The benefit of smoking Delta 8 is that you won’t be stoned out of your mind and can still go about your day like usual, even as you feel a nice, mellow high. 

Don’t worry, you’ll still feel it physically too, so relief from any discomfort or stress is taken care of. You just won’t look high and your mental clarity is still intact. Delta 8 carts also come in all the best-selling strains, so you won’t be missing out on anything from your fav Sativa or Indica strains! 

If you’re looking for something new to try, a Delta 8 cart will do the trick. Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Hawaiian Haze, Blue Dream…the list goes on! Check them out now and let your vape pens show you the latest experience from cannabis. 

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