Why Delta 8 Syrup is On its Own Level

delta 8 syrup

There’s a lot of different edibles that you can buy, or even make, but the Delta 8 syrup is not one you should scroll by without realizing what you’re missing out on. What’s so special about this particular Delta 8 edibles creation? It’s a syrup! Like cough medicine when I was a kid? Pass. 

Not so fast! This is no ordinary syrup, and the effects of it are definitely not your typical edibles sensation. We have firsthand experience of just how dope this product is and we thought we’d share it with our D8 enthusiasts. Keep reading to hear what the Delta 8 syrup is capable of!

What to Expect from Taking the Delta 8 Syrup

When new versions of edibles are concocted, we obviously want to know the potency, taste, and most importantly, the effects of each of our products. This helps us determine the right direction to guide our customers and help you all find the product that will best suit you and your good time. Let’s start with the basics for our customer-favorite Delta 8 syrup:

  • There’s 500mg of ∆8 THC in each bottle. 
  • It’s a 4oz/120ml bottle, which equates to 16 servings per bottle. 
  • It comes in two flavors: Cherry & Grape. 

Now, while you might just dump an amount into a cup and call it a day, a word of caution…a tablespoon is recommended for each dose, and we can’t emphasize this enough: make sure you shake the bottle before pouring! Like most liquids, separation occurs when it settles and the Delta 8 distillate floats to the top of the bottle. While you might be like, “Sweet, more potency that way!” our firsthand experience strongly deters you from thinking that way about this particular product. 

First of all, blending the product is crucial for feeling a balanced effect. The last thing you want is too strong a high that you’re just fucked and can’t function or enjoy the effects. Our cautionary measures stem from one of our team members sampling our Delta 8 syrup as a Purple Drank with Sprite and a jolly rancher…and needless to say, the effects are now how we rank the potency of our products! 

It’s also important to note with the syrup – it’s not an instant effect. The nice thing about this edible is you get to enjoy the taste of either Cherry or Grape in however form you want to take it, ie. with soda, tea, straight, etc, before it kicks in. When the D8 crew took it, it was a good 2 hours before anything was felt. It crept up for a while, slowly building like a tidal wave before crashing down HARD on him. 

The effects lasted till the next day, where he still felt a full high! (To note: there was no measurement when it was poured into the cup for the ultimate Purple Drank concoction. We do not recommend this method. Our taste tester definitely does NOT recommend going overboard with this product. It got him high AF, but too high. One that left him sitting in shipment with only the ability to give a thumbs up while internally struggling to figure out how to not be so high and do his job. FYI, there was little work done by him that day, but lots of laughs as we all checked on him throughout the afternoon!) 

Therefore, it’s best to take this syrup in the evening or on weekends when you can afford to be glued to your seat for hours on end. Again, you can enjoy a balanced high from the Delta 8 syrup by following the recommended dosage, then taking more later once you feel it if it’s not enough. 

Now, don’t forget that the effects continue to build, so if you feel like once it’s hitting you that it’s not very strong, keep waiting! The full effects build before packing the serious wallop, so be patient. Once they fully hit, buckle up for a smooth ride that will have you flying on the perfect high! 

So, we certainly don’t want you passing up this phenomenal syrup, but definitely go low and slow with the amount until you find your ideal dose. Be sure to drop your own story of feeling the effects in the comments and share in the fun!

3 thoughts on “Why Delta 8 Syrup is On its Own Level

  1. Daniel Orlick says:

    Love this fucking shit y’all know i cop consistently I even put my other boy onto it. Appreciate the bundle and the price it’s a godsend🙏 Please lower the price of the d8 edibles squares they buss but are too expensive. Much love my boys

  2. April J says:

    SyrUP, takes you up and up and up!! This is so good!!! It stayed in my system 3 days!!! I have insomnia and this is the ONLY thing that takes it away not to mention all the tension and bodyaches!!!! It’s also turns the sex drive into OVERDRIVE!!!! It’s mind soothingly, Tony the Tiger GREATTTTTTT!!!!

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