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Product Highlight: Delta 8 Vape Juice Additive

delta 8 vape juice

Vape juice, let’s talk about it. Whether you like to vape regular e-juice or puff away with a weed pen, the fact is that Delta 8 vape juice has swept in to be a major contender with the vaping industry. In the last ten years, before advances in harnessing cannabis for different variations were limited […]

Should Sha’Carri Richardson & Other Athletes Be Able to Smoke Weed?

Sha'carri Richardson

The world of sports stood still the day Sha’Carri Richardson won the 100-meter race in Oregon this year back in June. But the world at large unleashed its support for the Olympic contender when it was released by the Anti-Doping Agency that the athlete had failed a drug test for marijuana. Whether you were on […]

The Significance of Purple Hemp Flower & How It Smokes

purple hemp flower

Purple is just a color, right? Not when it comes to purple hemp flower. Cannabis is well known for its vast array of strains, colored buds, and unique leaf shapes. Does purple hemp flower just have hype about its pigment cause it’s cool looking or is there something more to why it’s considered elite in […]

Discerning Delta 8 Indica vs Hybrid Carts

indica vs hybrid

This may seem like a pointless topic to go over something such as Indica vs Hybrid strains, but there tends to be a lot of confusion about what the difference between them really is, especially when they are Delta 8 rather than Delta 9 cannabis. Since Delta 8 is known as the “Indica THC” compared […]

Buying Delta 8 Online vs from a Local Shop

delta 8 online

We know that Delta 8 is everywhere now. You can find it in gas stations, vape shops, and usually, CBD dispensaries (obviously in weed dispensaries too). But how do you know that you’re getting the high-quality dank you deserve from these places? A lot of off-brands are stocked in vape shops and most reviews will […]

 Delta 8 Flower Profile: Sour Space Candy

delta 8 flower

With so many strains out there, the possibility of missing out on a diamond hemp flower can happen. Imagine finding your favorite strain just by a highlighted article that goes in-depth on everything about one bud in particular? Well, that’s exactly what this feature is for.  We lay it all out about a top-seller: the […]

How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?

how does it take for edibles to kick in

We’ve all had them and we’ve had good experiences and bad experiences when it comes to eating edibles. Sometimes it’s just a rite of passage. But whether you have homemade edibles (which are certainly more difficult to get right) or buy some from a dispensary or online weed store, there’s still the telltale question: how […]

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card to Buy Weed Online?

medical marijuana card

There can be a lot of confusion about buying legal weed now with a medical marijuana card. While it’s not legal in all states, if you choose to buy weed online vs a dispensary, that’s a different story. It curates a lot of questions. Can you buy from another state? What restrictions are there (or […]