Disposable Carts vs Weed Pens: Which Should You Buy?

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Weed pens have definitely certified their status in the mainstream industry of cannabis, both recreationally and with legal hemp cartridges. While there’s a variety of vape tanks and battery mods available, the standard one for cannabis oil is the 510 Thread battery. This universal model fits almost every kind of weed cart.

But with the revolution of weed pens and vaping in general, there are plenty more options available today compared to even five years ago. And this begs the question, which vape pen should you use to smoke weed? Should you invest in a rechargeable weed pen, or dive into the new, versatile disposable carts that are saturating the cannabis industry?

We break it down for you on which one works best, what options are available, how to use a vape pen for weed, and the benefits of disposable carts versus standard weed pens. Consider us your 411 on weed pens!

What is a Weed Pen?

The evolution of marijuana is something that’s pretty extraordinary. You used to only be able to smoke weed, but now you can have it in edibles (gummies, candies, etc), tincture oils, syrups, and now in weed pens. But how does a weed pen actually work? Does it have the same effect as smoking a joint? 

The answer is yes, though the actions required to hit a weed pen are a bit different than a blunt. For starters, if you’ve vaped a regular mod box or e-cigarette, then using a weed pen will come naturally to you. If you haven’t, then heed this advice or you’ll have an awful first-time use and probably be persuaded to avoid carts altogether. 

A weed pen is two main components, the body of the pen, which is the battery that activates the cannabis oil to turn it into vapor to inhale, and the cartridge (also known as a cart). The cartridge contains the tank of weed oil, with whatever strain you’ve chosen (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), and houses the mouthpiece where you take a hit. Typically, you purchase the body, aka the battery, of a weed pen and that comes with an empty cartridge where you can manually put cannabis oil. 

This is one variation, though the most popular one is buying individual cartridges that you connect to your battery. You can swap out one cart after another, depending on your mood or needs. This makes rechargeable weed pens an ideal version since there are so many options, from purchasing THC or CBD carts to filling it with your own weed oil that you can pick up at your local dispensary or online cannabis store. 

Remembering to charge your weed pen is essential with the standard USB cord to power the battery back to 100%. However, if you forget and you need to use your weed pen and it’s dead, you’ll be out of luck for using it right when you need to. If you’re out and about and the battery is dying, this is again another downside to rechargeable weed pens. 

This is where disposable carts come into play!

The Benefits of Disposable Carts

A weed pen is a valuable addition to smoking cannabis or CBD. But another option for you is what’s called a disposable cartridge, which is a single vape piece with a non-replaceable cart attached to the full-body battery. It’s lightweight, pre-filled, and requires no charging. 

When it comes to THC, a multitude of strains are available in disposable carts, so all you have to do is choose the ones you want, order, and voila! They’re perfect for on the go, have the same potency level as weed pens, and don’t leak. However, once they’re empty, that’s it. You throw it away and move onto the next one. 

Disposable carts are great for people who want a hit in a pinch! If you don’t want to deal with changing out carts or charging your weed pen, then a disposable cart is just the thing for you. Convenience is the best benefit of disposable carts!

How to Use a Vape Pen for Weed

Now that you know the two main options for vaping weed, it’s time to know how to use a vape pen for weed. It sounds like quite a mouthful, but in actual fact, you want to take it nice and slow with puffing on it. Unlike with regular vaping, you don’t want to hit it long and hard. Puffs from a weed pen should be short and gentle. THC hits are much stronger than standard vape juice and if you pull too hard on the weed pen, the coughing fit that will ensue is certain to turn you off from weed pens. 

The step by step way to take the correct hit is:

  • Check the battery for power
  • Connect the cartridge to the battery 
  • Place mouthpiece to your lips
  • Press the button to ignite the tank
  • Slowly pull to inhale the vapor 
  • Stop pressing the button and remove the mouthpiece from your mouth
  • Breathe out smoke
  • Wait a few minutes to feel the first effects then take another small puff

Remember, short, slow hits until you’re adjusted to hitting a weed pen. 

Where to Buy Carts Online for Weed Pens

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