Know what’s in your buds, Delta 8 carts, Delta 8 edibles, and hemp derived extracts. Percentages & Potency are the numbers we check for you!

Authentication at its Finest

Part of the process of selling Delta 8 THC is offering lab reports to show you, the buyer, the levels of THC D8 in what you’re buying. This means potency tests to measure cannabinoids and the point percentage of THC in each of our Delta 8 products. Plus, Delta 8 THC Shop ensures we keep to the standards of microbial testing in cannabis per the current regulations in the United States. For this, we use reliable and trusted 3rd party labs to perform these tests and display each Delta 8 THC lab report on each product page, as well as this page dedicated to every lab report available, for your convenience.

How is Delta 8 THC Tested?

For hemp flowers and measuring the THC content in them, we have our products tested with Hemp Compliance Microbiology #3. This Delta 8 lab report tests for salmonella, pesticides, monocytogenes (bacteria), mycotoxins (fungi), heavy metals, the 11 cannabis potency strains, and pathogenic SE (qPCR). With our organic hemp flowers, this test provides the quality assurance that what you’re smoking or consuming isn’t tainted or going to make you ill with some type of sickness.

At Delta 8 THC Shop, we strive to deliver optimum and accurate results from our Delta 8 THC lab reports for your reassurance and satisfaction!

CBD Lab Reports

From CBD gummies to the CBD tincture, we test them all! Below are the CBD lab reports for each of them:

CBD Tincture – 300mg

CBD Tincture – 600mg

CBD Tincture – 1200mg