How Our Delta 8 THC Flower is Made

delta 8 thc flower

Not all flower is made equal. Anyone who regularly smokes knows that, but if you’re not familiar with why the farming of Delta 8 THC flower matters, then keep reading!

The Process Behind Premium Hemp Flower 

What is the best version of flower to buy? Any weed connoisseur will tell you: indoor. Why does indoor flower supersede outdoor or greenhouse cannabis plants? The control over the crop allows for a premium harvest and high levels of concentration that deliver in visual, taste, and potency. 

When Delta 8 THC flower, or hemp flower, is grown organically (no pesticides, heavy metals, bugs or toxins) and indoors, the highest quality way to do so is in a lab0like setting. Small batches versus acres of outdoor fields give our growers the ability to control every aspect of the plant’s environment. This way, the full genetic potential results in maximum cannabinoid and terpene production, with dense, colorful buds dripping in trichomes for a hit that exceeds all other hits. 

The benefits of indoor-grown hemp flower are as follows:

  • Hand-cut flowers vs. auto-trimmed when grown outdoors deliver a more visually appealing bud. 
  • Stronger terpene development = tongue-bursting flavor 
  • Control over light spectrum tailors allows for a higher-yielding plant 
  • Climate control gives the cannabis plants a faster, customized growth by round-the-clock temperature settings, optimum Co2 levels, and humidity ranges. 
  • Complete quality controls = premium hemp flowers

Because of these factors, the plants are able to yield higher cannabinoid concentrations compared to the uncontrollable elements of being grown in an outdoor field. They are also under more stress when planted outdoors and since they are much larger batches (acres of field in fact), they receive lackluster treatment compared to state-of-the-art indoor equipment used. 

When a bud is hand-trimmed, dense, frosted, and organic, the smoke is smoother, richer, and by far a superior taste compared to outdoor-grown hemp flower. For Delta 8 THC flower, these CBD-rich buds are also sprayed with pure, top-quality ∆8 oil to deliver a mild, cerebral high along with relaxing body effects. It’s a high you have to feel to believe. 

Why Delta 8 THC Flower is Next Level 

We love a well-rounded bud to grind and roll into a joint. So, we make sure that our Delta 8 THC flower strains are all curated to the highest degree of quality and standards, just like a marijuana flower follows. If you love smoking as much as us, but regular weed gets you paranoid or you feel that bumming anxiety attached to pot, then you need to give Delta 8 a try! 

Why we created our D8 Shop around this form of cannabis is to share the wealth of a good, high-quality product that’s 100% legal, but still gets the job done. Our third-party lab reports verify the potency and purity of our Delta 8 THC flowers, as well as our CBD and CBG flower. With ∆8, not only will be you be vibin’ without anxiety or paranoia, you’ll also feel these: 

  • A functional high with about 50% the intensity of regular weed so you can go about your day being high, but still able to do your job, routine, etc, and not be trapped in couchlock. 
  • With the high CBD content, Delta 8 THC flower relieves any aches, pains, inflammation, and helps make your body feel back in tip-top shape. 
  • Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains are all available, in popular flavors to suit everyone’s specific needs (relaxation, stress-relief, inspiration, mood-boosting, etc). 
  • Full terpene profiles offer a flavor-packed bud that satisfies any well-seasoned nose for elite smokers. 

If that doesn’t convince you to buy Delta 8, we don’t know what will. Premium is the name of the game for us, and our growing customer base proves that our Delta 8 THC flower is, indeed, next level. Stock up on your favorite strains in our online shop, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for email-exclusive deals, promo codes, and first dibs on new products! 

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