Buying Delta 8 Online vs from a Local Shop

delta 8 online

We know that Delta 8 is everywhere now. You can find it in gas stations, vape shops, and usually, CBD dispensaries (obviously in weed dispensaries too). But how do you know that you’re getting the high-quality dank you deserve from these places? A lot of off-brands are stocked in vape shops and most reviews will show you that they really don’t do much. 

Why is that? 

Because these small companies jumped onto the wave of Delta 8 and choose low-quality products to help offset the profit margin so they pocket more money. It’s not about the lifestyle and sharing in the good stuff, it’s just following the new booming trend in the weed industry. But not only that! Brands who market their products in dispensaries and vape shops also lose a portion of the sale to the store itself, so if you take those factors into consideration, how good is the Delta 8 you’re buying? 

The answer: not good. 

Let’s go over the pros of buying Delta 8 online versus from a weed dispensary because we want your high to be legit, not robbed. 

Why Delta 8 Online is the Way to Go

While Delta 8 may be in a gray area of legality from the 2018 Farm Bill, we’re definitely not going to throw shade to the fact that there’s a 100% legal THC for everyone to enjoy. Hemp-derived Delta 8 offers a ton of the same effects as regular weed, but with a less potent hit, though you can also enjoy your joint without any paranoia or anxiety attacks. 

That seems like a pretty sweet deal to us. 

While we all know how Delta 8 hits by now since it is a more mellow high than marijuana, you want to make sure you’re buying top-shelf nuggs, carts, and edibles made with pure Delta 8 distillate. The last thing you want is to light up a pre-roll and learn too late that it burns quickly or unevenly, and the flower has little to no taste. 

When you buy Delta 8 online, you might think that’s a less safe bet to spend your money on than somewhere local, since you can see the products in hand. However, given the factors mentioned at the beginning of this article, and taking into consideration that top-shelf isn’t always what you find locally, let’s go over why Delta 8 online proves to be the superior option:

  1. Reviews. Honest reviews are not all 5 stars, and real customers have a unique voice that can’t be mimicked by companies. When you’re in a local vape shop or even a weed dispensary, you can ask the employees for their opinion, but sometimes, they have a totally different take on a strain or edible. Plus, you have to remember that their job is to sell what’s in the store. Delta 8 websites have nowhere to hide, and you’ll have the time to browse reviews unlike when you hit up somewhere in town. 
  2. More Variety. This is probably the biggest difference between buying Delta 8 online versus locally. While some shops can have flower, carts, and gummies, they really don’t have the space for stocking a ton of different weed products. Online though–watch out! You’ll find tons more edibles than just gummies, plus way more strains and cart options, not only just flower. Plus, a good D8 website will have accurate descriptions, not just a plain one or two lines that don’t offer you the full listing of the strain you’re interested in. Since you can’t smell it yet, the way a site answers the details you’re looking for means they know what a customer is looking for. 
  3. Deals. Most vape shops and dispensaries don’t offer much in terms of coupons or discounts. Maybe once or twice a year they’ll have something to entice, and usually, it’s for stock that hasn’t been moving on their shelves for way too long. Buying Delta 8 online, a good site will offer tons of promo codes and deals to keep their customers happy and coming back. Who doesn’t love getting some real dank weed at a discount?
  4. Better Standards. When you buy Delta 8 in a shop, no matter where you go, every place is going to carry a different brand. There’s no consistency. You might go back to the same vape shop and suddenly they don’t carry that brand that you liked anymore. For value and quality with every single purchase, a D8 site has your back. They listen to their customers, they always restock the best sellers, and customer service is always top-notch. Can you say the same for a local shop that isn’t even educated about the brands that they sell? 

D8 THC Shop Got You

While we may offer wholesale for retail suppliers, we never give up on our high-quality, top-shelf Delta 8 products at D8 THC Shop. We continuously order fresh batches of flower from our indoor-grown hemp farms and make small batches of our wide range of edibles so that everything is fresh, potent, and hits the spot. 

With the latest release of our top-selling Delta 8 syrup now in mini size, plus 4 new flavors, there really is no comparison when it comes to where to buy Delta 8. Online reigns #1 and since we ship out same-day orders 6 days a week, you know that your order of legal weed is gonna be coming in clutch. Order from your favorite Delta 8 shop today!

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