Discerning Delta 8 Indica vs Hybrid Carts

indica vs hybrid

This may seem like a pointless topic to go over something such as Indica vs Hybrid strains, but there tends to be a lot of confusion about what the difference between them really is, especially when they are Delta 8 rather than Delta 9 cannabis. Since Delta 8 is known as the “Indica THC” compared to Delta 9 and now with Delta 10 being the “Sativa THC”, is there really any difference between them? 

So, we’re gonna clear it all up for you and break everything down that you should and want to know about Indica vs Hybrid Delta 8, and we’ll be focusing on carts rather than flower. 

Here we go…

What Makes Indica Different From Hybrid

We all know that Indica is the evening time strain. When you want to just chill out or help you have a slappin’ night of sleep, then you go for an Indica. The effects of Indica strains typically range from a relaxing body sensation to sleepy. So why is Hybrid any different? Especially when it comes to Delta 8 already leaning more toward that type of effect?

For starters, Delta 8 hybrid strains can offer a higher percentage of one dominant category more so than the other. For example, Pineapple Express is a Hybrid strain that is more Sativa-dominant than Indica, therefore the effects will be more energizing and creative while still offering a mellow relaxing effect that you feel physically. 

However, when you blend an Indica-dominant with a lesser Sativa strain, you get a Hybrid with more of those evening benefits we all love. But when you have a pure Indica strain, the sedative-like effects are seriously ramped up compared to a Hybrid. 

How does Delta 8 Indica differ though from Delta 8 Hybrid strains? 

The answer is in the dormancy of the strain. Sativa effects certainly help outweigh the already naturally occurring Indica-like hit of Delta 8, so when you take a hit of a Hybrid strain, the Sativa effects balance out the heavy relaxing properties of both ∆8 and Indica genetics of the strain. Therefore, when you need a pick-me-up during the day to help with aches or just some relaxation without getting couchlock, then hybrid strains will effectively give you both sides of relief. 

Let’s dive into why Hybrid flower or carts are the must-have strain to enjoy both Sativa and Indica benefits.

Why Hybrid Strains are the Best of Both Worlds

While everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different and not every strain works for you specifically as it does others, it’s important to note that finding the best weed strain takes time. This is where Hybrid strains can definitely deliver some real results that you’re looking for when you light up a pre-roll or puff on a cart

So even if you want an Indica-dominant Hybrid like Girl Scout Cookies to mellow you out at night after a long, grueling day, it’s not going to knock you off your feet since it’s only 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. That way, if you still have shit to do that night, you can have the mental stamina to make it happen while your body enjoys a good vibe at the same time.

Bubba Kush, a cross strain from the classic Hindu-Kush original cannabis crop, is also an Indica-dominant hybrid that allows you to get that heavy body high while keeping your mind sharp and creative thanks to its lesser Sativa percentage. It’s better to remember why hybrid strains are the best of both worlds by these top two benefits:

  1. Whether it’s Sativa or Indica-dominant, hybrid strains give you head and body highs that you can choose to be swayed to one or a balanced 50/50 effect. 
  2. There are plenty of hybrid strains to choose from, try out, and find the right ones that hit the best for you. 

Best Hybrid Strains: Buds & Carts

Because there are so many hybrid strains, it can be overwhelming to choose what type will do the most for your needs. What strain will smoke best for you or what strain will have the best flavor? If you have the patience for grinding fresh buds, then Hawaiian Haze or Lifter will really hit the spot. 

Or, if you want a quicker way to try out multiple strains, Delta 8 carts are for sure the way to go. They offer the flavor and potency you want, but in an intense distillate form for hits that are bursting with everything we love about weed without the time-consuming task of rolling your own joint. You can’t go wrong either way, so this is where the preference of how you smoke comes into play. 

Either way, whether you look at it as Indica vs Hybrid, the best Indica strains and the best Hybrid strains are readily available from your #1 D8 THC Shop.  

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