What the Delta 8 Gummy is Capable Of

delta 8 gummy

Edibles come in a variety of liquidized forms and food products, which can include desserts, candies, drinks, and other types of sweets (even beef jerky!). Depending on the dose, last meal, and/or drugs or alcohol consumed at the same time, the effects may persist longer than planned or take longer to go into effect.

Remember, edibles hit differently than a joint, dab, or cart and usually aren’t instant. 

A Delta 8 edible can include different amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a factor in when it goes into effect. This makes it more difficult to keep track of how much THC you are taking in versus smoking it. 

The amount of THC in Delta 8 edibles that are made at home can have way more THC than store bought edibles–this is why people who have had a really bad high from making edibles at home have learned the hard way that it’s best to buy from a retailer instead. The most difficult part about taking a Delta 8 edible is managing the dosage because the effects can take time to kick in.

So we broke down the estimated timeframe for the Delta 8 gummy to help you out!

Breaking Down Taking Edibles with the Delta 8 Gummy

Here is a timeline of what to expect when you take some Delta 8 Gummies. Note: This will vary depending on factors as mentioned earlier such as tolerance, dose, etc.


You shouldn’t expect to feel much within the first 30 minutes. This is because your body is beginning to metabolize the Delta 8 THC Gummy. Once your body has metabolized the Delta 8 that’s when you should expect to start to feel the effects from the hemp-derived THC. However, you might start to feel something if you have a fast metabolism.


This is when most people begin to feel the onset effects from Delta 8 kick in. You can expect to start to feel a euphoric-high feeling. Also, this is where most people make the mistake of assuming that the Delta 8 Gummy didn’t work and eat more. Don’t! Even if you don’t feel anything after an hour you should give it another 30 minutes before deciding to take more. Everyone has their own clock for getting high from edibles. 


Your body has now metabolized the Delta 8 edible and this is when you should feel the full effects. Also, this is a great time to determine if you need to take more or take less next time. If you accidentally took too much there are ways to bring your high down. If you feel like you didn’t take enough then take half of what you originally took. You don’t want to make the mistake of taking too much because Delta 8 Gummies are very concentrated and having a bad high is a scarring experience. (Feel free to leave your bad high from edibles in the comments section below!)

What Does A High From Delta 8 Gummies Feel Like?

Now that you know approximately how long do Delta 8 gummies take to kick in, you’re probably wondering what does a high from Delta 8 gummies feel like? There are usually two main highs that these edibles will give you: they will give you the munchies or make you go to sleep. Here is what to expect from  Delta 8 Gummies.


Whenever you consume any form of THC you can expect to feel the munchies. This feeling is not based on your preference – regardless if you smoked, ingested, or vaped THC. You can still expect to feel your appetite increase if you took a Delta 8 Gummy.

Also, if you find that Delta 8 Gummies taste delish, have a pack of non-Delta 8 gummies on hand. This will help you avoid taking too many Delta 8 Gummies based on how they taste. This is a friendly reminder that Delta 8 Gummies can take a while to kick in and you will want to avoid taking too much at a time so have a backup just in case!


Here is where it gets interesting since Delta 8 THC is still considered new to the market (although it’s been around for a long time); not a lot is known about how Delta 8 THC directly impacts our sleep. However, we have some knowledge about how THC, in general, affects sleep. One study was conducted by the National Library of Science on the effects of sleep when taking THC (though this was for Delta 9).

Although THC is a very general term, the conclusion for THC and sleep was that it can reduce REM sleep. This is the part of the sleep cycle that causes a person to dream. Although some might not want to dream it still could impact the quality of sleep, but users who have tried Delta 8 edibles know that you get faded and sleep through the night after eating them. D8 is considered an Indica version of THC so they’re a much better alternative to take at night than regular weed gummies. 

The Delta 8 Gummy is Indeed Elite

What you could expect from Delta 8 Gummies depends on your dosage, age, weight, etc. However, don’t forget that there is a timeline of when you can expect to start feeling the onset effects. Just like with marijuana, Delta 8 Gummies can make you get the munchies and affect your sleep since D8 is known as the “Indica weed” and has a highly relaxing effect on your body and mood. 

Give Delta 8 gummies a try and see what they are capable of doing for you!


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