Delta 8 Flower Profile: Sour Space Candy

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With so many strains out there, the possibility of missing out on a diamond hemp flower can happen. Imagine finding your favorite strain just by a highlighted article that goes in-depth on everything about one bud in particular? Well, that’s exactly what this feature is for. 

We lay it all out about a top-seller: the Sour Space Candy Delta 8 Flower!

The Sour Space Candy Review

Born from Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, Sour Space Candy is a hit for daytime users. The appearance of this flower is your classic hemp green with a rich deep purple coating and bright orange hairs, making it a very colorful strain to look at. Not to mention that it’s covered in crystallized trichomes for added visual aesthetics and a heavy resin content.

While being Sativa-dominant, SSC is also CBD-rich and offers plenty of relief from physical ailments. It’s known as a sweet, sour fruit, and colorful strain with especially aromatic citrus and tropical fruit notes, as well as earthy undertones that resemble those of Guerilla Glue #4 and Sour Diesel. 

Let’s take a closer look at how those notes come into play for Sour Space Candy by digging into its terpene profile first.

Sour Space Candy Terpenes

For a little back history, what gives each and every hemp flower its smell and aroma are from terpenes, also known as terpenoids. They are naturally occurring fragrant compounds and they make up the taste and smell of not just cannabis, but many other organic plants, herbs, and produce. 

The terpenes for Sour Space Candy are what gives it the fruit palette, including the minor aromas you can pick up from it. 

The genetics and the environment where the plant is grown attribute to what terpenes develop during the flowering process. For SSC, you’ll find the following terpenes: 

  1. Myrcene. This gives a tropical fruit aroma with a touch of earthiness. It’s the most common terpene found in hemp flower and has relaxing properties as well as syncs the benefits of other terpenes and phytocannabinoids to work seamlessly in cannabis. SSC has .21% of Myrcene.

  2. Terpinolene. The sweet, floral, and herbal smells of this strain come from this terpene. It’s antimicrobial and is found in certain fruits, spices, and flowers too. SSC has .12% of Terpinolene.

  3. Caryophyllene. Spice and pepper aromas stem from this terpene and have anti-inflammatory benefits, ideal for pain relief. .16% is found in SSC.

Sour Space Candy Delta 8 Flower Effects 

With between 12-16% of CBD in this Delta 8 flower, the effects of adding in the legal THC to it create a very well-rounded strain. You’ll feel a cerebral high with an uplifting effect on your mood, energy, and productivity, plus the added bonus of relaxation. Your energy to get through the day will certainly be up, and you can expect to feel joy and optimism after smoking this delicious bud. 

You’ll feel raring to go without pain, discomfort, stress or anxiety with this Delta 8 flower. Sour Space Candy delivers the ideal Sativa effect and the combination of intense CBD levels and a mellow high from Delta 8, you won’t be waking up in the mornings dreading the day with it. 

Buying Delta 8 Flower

Sour Space Candy is a usually available strain, but just make sure that when you buy it, you check for a third-party lab report to ensure quality and potency. At D8 THC Shop, our premium hemp flower is top of the line and follows every guideline for third-party testing, harvesting, and storage, both with inventory and shipping to customers. 

Head over to our online shop and discover Sour Space Candy and our other popular Delta 8 strains. CBD, CBG, and Delta 8 edibles, carts, and more are all at your fingertips in this one-stop-shop style online store! 

Tell us what you think of Sour Space Candy after you try it! 

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