An Honest Delta 8 Cartridge Review

delta 8 cartridge review

If like us at Delta 8 THC Shop, you want to feel the best out of your joint with an engaged high, but minus the anxiety, jitters, and fogginess, then Delta 8 is your best bet. For those that enjoy getting stoned, trying new products on the market fit pretty common and good for any of us who are you for a change. And let’s say that this time around, get ready to be completely blown away after trying a Delta 8 cartridge. Wow only skims the surface of what to expect! In laymen terms, Delta 8 is a powerhouse and worth trying.

We’re hyped about the effects, and did you all a solid by writing this Delta 8 cartridge review to share the unparalleled experience so you can get on board just like us!

What to Love About Delta 8 THC Cartridge?

For starters, Delta 8 THC 1ml cartridges are available in different types of strains. However, I ordered it in OG Kush because I love the aroma and its overall terpene profile. Although Delta 8 comes in a variety of forms like hemp flowers with D8 THC, tinctures, edibles, dabs, and even a distillate syringe, Delta 8 cartridges are a must for your vape pen, and for these benefits:

  • Sleek design—breath and button activation
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to carry and use

The Delta 8 cartridge from our D8 THC Shop came with a ceramic coil, which honestly added to the product’s performance and taste with each draw.

What was Delta 8 Like Smoking It?

When you turn the Delta 8 cartridge upside down, you’ll see that the oil is super thick, possibly the most viscous oil that you’ll have ever seen. That’s great for avid consumers.  

Similarly, in terms of smell and flavor, we rate it 5/5. We tried it with our custom strain made in-house in OG Kush and got exactly what was expected to be strong in both taste and aroma. No wonder why it’s a perennial choice and a favorite for the majority of smokers.

Talking about serving size, everyone is different. Some like the one puff at a time, but servings vary depending on the puff size and your style of smoking. So, how long will it last depends on how much you use it? Small puffs that lasted for three seconds per puff were enough for us, and it’ll take you into the euphoric state without fogginess.

Is it Legal Marijuana?

Yes. A Delta 8 cartridge is federally legal and derived from hemp. Thus, it can be used by both recreational and medical consumers in the US states that legalized them.  

What are the Effects?

As mentioned above, you can take as little as three puffs, and get stoned. The effects of Delta 8 THC can hit you as quickly as five minutes. After five minutes of inhaling Delta 8, prepare to feel that euphoric high. But what we want to highlight in this Delta 8 cartridge review is that you won’t feel a cold hard edge, chest expansion, or discomfort, although you’ll definitely get stoned. It was relaxing and full of pleasure, plus the great thing about Delta 8 is that you maintain your mental clarity and energy, so you can puff away and still go about your day (that’s right, no couchlock). 

So are you ready to experience a healthy body high, but nothing changed visually? And unlike other types of THC, your eyes won’t get too heavy (they will get red though like most hemp side effects). So, overall, we’re confident in saying that it’s an experience that you’ll like to indulge in over and over again.

How Long Did the Effects Last?

There is no question of a doubt that Delta 8 THC is potent. The effects of only three hits lasted for a good three hours. So, if you want to get stoned quickly and enjoy long-lasting results, then we highly recommend you get your hands on a Delta 8 cartridge.

How Much is it Worth?

With all the amazing effects it has to offer, D8 is available at a price that will have you smiling not because of the high but in actual. You can quickly get a 1ml cartridge for only [insert price]. And for that price, Delta 8 cartridge is an absolute steal.

What are you waiting for? Browse through D8 THC Shop’s impressive Delta 8 cartridges to order one right now in the strain of your choice and experience the difference between Delta 9 THC cartridges. You have to try this one for yourself to truly know what you’re missing out on. Shop now!