CBD vs Delta 8: What Makes Them Different

cbd vs delta 8

With CBD legal throughout the 50 states and the newly popular Delta 8 THC following in almost every state, the question continues to pop up: What’s the difference with CBD vs Delta 8? Are they one and the same since Delta 8 is derived from CBD hemp? Do they have the same effects? We break down everything different between Delta 8 THC and CBD for you in this article. 

The Differences Between CBD vs Delta 8

To start, let’s go over what Delta 8 is. It may seem like it came out of left field, but Delta 8 is one of the 4 most prominent cannabinoids in hemp. While its cousin compound, Delta 9 THC, is federally illegal, Delta 8 is derived from industrial hemp and an isomer of CBD, therefore making it legal in most states. 

Delta 8 offers a milder high than Delta 9 with fewer side effects (like no paranoia or anxiety attacks), and is said to be a more body high than mind high. Chemically speaking, only one bond of the receptor chain differentiates the two, but because of this reaction in the endocannabinoid system of our bodies, Delta 8 is less potent. 

For medicinal or recreational uses of weed, Delta 8 is the perfect middle ground for users who can’t tolerate the intensity of Delta 9 THC

CBD, on the other hand, is another story entirely compared to Delta 8 and 9. Cannabinoids (CBD) contain little to no THC, but offer all the relieving properties of marijuana. From a chemical standpoint, CBD only binds to CB1 receptors, whereas Delta 8 binds to CB1 and CB2. CBD actually counters the activity of THC in our brains, blocking most psychoactive elements. 

Delta 8 is psychoactive, though a milder form compared to Delta 9, and has a high probability of showing up on a drug test. CBD is non-psychoactive and has a low probability of showing up on a drug test. Delta 8 is found in low concentrations, and most are synthetically created in order to deliver to the abundant reach for buying Delta 8 online. CBD is found in high concentrations, usually ranging anywhere from 8% to over 23% in various strains. 

Only Delta 8 distillate offers a pure concentration of this THC, while Delta 8 hemp flower is much lower and is commonly sprayed with it to offer the effects when smoked. CBD flower delivers the full results of relieving stress, pain, insomnia, and inflammation. 

When it comes to preference, it’s honestly the user’s choice. If you buy weed online, then giving Delta 8 a try is well worth it to compare to CBD and even to illegal Delta 9 products. The best part of Delta 8 is the legal factor, accompanied by the cerebral high that allows you to keep your mental clarity while technically still feeling stoned. 

CBD is ideal for users who are looking for relief without the psychotropic effects of THC. Delta 8 should be tried for anyone who’s interested in a bit higher intensity of relief, with a small kick of legal THC, compared to CBD. The effects are truly the kind you have to experience for yourself to either love it or discover it’s not for you. (PSA: so far no one has reviewed it that it wasn’t for them). 

Where to Buy Delta 8 Online

You could certainly go check out your local dispensary for Delta 8 products, but for the best ones, you’ll find that your choices are much larger online. Better prices, deals, and free shipping (less conspicuous buying) are all at your fingertips when you buy Delta 8 online. 

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