The Benefits of Smoking Hemp-Derived Delta 8 vs Ingesting It

hemp derived delta 8

When it comes to hemp-derived products, you have a pretty wide array to choose from. With industrial hemp being legalized in nearly all 50 states, the real victor to come out of the Farm Bill 2018 is hemp-derived Delta 8. A legal high with less potent effects makes Delta 8 THC an ideal choice for […]

Is Delta 8 Legal If It’s Still THC?

is delta 8 legal

Cannabis has been a pretty taboo subject, with plenty of falsities attached to the name and its various terminology (weed, pot, marijuana, mary jane, etc). However, the 2014 Farm Bill and the Farm Bill 2018 has opened the doors for the first step towards legalizing cannabis.  But what is actually legal under this new regulation […]

The Top 5 Cannabinoids In Buying Cannabis Products


Cannabinoids. This is a well-known word when referring to cannabis. Even if you’re a newbie to weed or CBD, you’ll definitely hear this term in any of your research or at your local dispensary. But what are cannabinoids?  Like David Attenborough, this is Planet Cannabis, an in-depth documentation on everything about these chemical compounds that […]

Indica vs Sativa: Deciphering Each Strain

indica vs sativa

If you’ve established a cannabis palette for hemp flower strains of every variety, then you know what the difference between Indica and Sativa is. However, if you’re interested in brushing up on your cannabis knowledge to become a real connoisseur (or just want to buy the right type of hemp flower strain), then this is […]

Growing Indoor Hemp Flower or Outdoor: What’s Better?

indoor hemp flower

Does it matter if you buy indoor hemp flower or outdoor hemp flower? Does indoor vs outdoor hemp really make a difference? It was always Indica vs Sativa as the main comparison, or Indica vs Sativa vs hybrid since there are so many crossovers of strains these days. Well, with the boom of hemp after […]

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