Delta 8 Flower Profile: Sour Space Candy

delta 8 flower

With so many strains out there, the possibility of missing out on a diamond hemp flower can happen. Imagine finding your favorite strain just by a highlighted article that goes in-depth on everything about one bud in particular? Well, that’s exactly what this feature is for.  We lay it all out about a top-seller: the […]

How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?

how does it take for edibles to kick in

We’ve all had them and we’ve had good experiences and bad experiences when it comes to eating edibles. Sometimes it’s just a rite of passage. But whether you have homemade edibles (which are certainly more difficult to get right) or buy some from a dispensary or online weed store, there’s still the telltale question: how […]

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card to Buy Weed Online?

medical marijuana card

There can be a lot of confusion about buying legal weed now with a medical marijuana card. While it’s not legal in all states, if you choose to buy weed online vs a dispensary, that’s a different story. It curates a lot of questions. Can you buy from another state? What restrictions are there (or […]

What Are The Legal Weed States?

legal weed states

So, the title of this article is a bit of a double-edged sword. Because there are three variations of legal weed that have to be taken into account. There’s medical marijuana that requires an MMJ card, legal recreational marijuana and decriminalized marijuana. Where we get into the tricky part about discerning legal weed states is […]

What Raising the THC Limit for Legal Hemp Means


Cannabis has been on the fritz for over 100 years. While it may be thousands of years old and commonly (not to mention openly) smoked in some cultures, in America, the stigmatisms associated with it are anything but positive. You could lose your job if weed shows up positive on a drug test, criminal charges […]

How to Roll a Joint (Plus the Best Pre-Rolls to Buy!)

how to roll a joint

With recreational marijuana becoming legally mainstream, the sales for cannabis have gone through the roof. Needless to say, millennials are flocking to this plant, with trendy brands and packaging catching interest on social media and online weed sites like Leafly and High Times, but what this newly opened industry offers those who buy it for […]

Disposable Carts vs Weed Pens: Which Should You Buy?

weed pens

Weed pens have definitely certified their status in the mainstream industry of cannabis, both recreationally and with legal hemp cartridges. While there’s a variety of vape tanks and battery mods available, the standard one for cannabis oil is the 510 Thread battery. This universal model fits almost every kind of weed cart. But with the […]

What 2021 Offers for the Growing Cannabis Industry

growing cannabis

If you thought that a pandemic would slow down the cannabis industry, boy, do we have news to tell you. Nearly $18 billion dollars was spent on legal weed in 2020, which is a 67% increase from 2019. The ever-growing cannabis industry is not burning out anytime soon, and for 2021, the possibilities are bigger! […]

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