THC-O Effects & The Lowdown on This Acetate 

thc-o effects

The Farm Bill 2018 has indirectly and inadvertently allowed the weed industry to produce and sell cannabis products containing cannabinoids with psychoactive effects without needing a medical marijuana card. One of these new compounds that are sweeping the market is THC-O acetate (or ATHC). This is a non-natural cannabinoid and it’s getting the interest of […]

The Entire Rundown on the New Cannabinoid HHC 


Following the wild success of Delta 8 THC as a legal alternative to the more controlled availability of Delta 9 THC, the cannabis industry has sought other less-known cannabinoids to compete in the diverse cannabis marketplace. One of the newest and most promising is hexahydrocannabinol, usually shortened to HHC. Let’s dive into the full spectrum […]

What’s the Strongest Delta 8 Flower?

strongest delta 8 flower

We all know by now that Delta 8 flower is the shit. It hits just like normal weed and even though it’s considered “diet weed” or “lite weed” means it definitely doesn’t lack with its long-lasting high. But just like with marijuana, does hemp-derived Delta 8 have an elite strain that hits different? Hits stronger […]

Should Sha’Carri Richardson & Other Athletes Be Able to Smoke Weed?

Sha'carri Richardson

The world of sports stood still the day Sha’Carri Richardson won the 100-meter race in Oregon this year back in June. But the world at large unleashed its support for the Olympic contender when it was released by the Anti-Doping Agency that the athlete had failed a drug test for marijuana. Whether you were on […]

The Significance of Purple Hemp Flower & How It Smokes

purple hemp flower

Purple is just a color, right? Not when it comes to purple hemp flower. Cannabis is well known for its vast array of strains, colored buds, and unique leaf shapes. Does purple hemp flower just have hype about its pigment cause it’s cool looking or is there something more to why it’s considered elite in […]