About D8 THC Shop

Delta 8 THC Shop was nurtured into creation by the natural and organically grown hemp flowers burgeoning on the market. We believe in cannabis without the dangerous side effects of marijuana – and the fact that Delta 8 has been found to promote higher energy coupled with full-body relaxation. Imagine having a high that chills you out while also helps get you going? A bit opposite from the stoner stereotype and that’s why Delta 8 is so great:

It breaks the mold about hemp’s reputation!

At Delta 8 THC Shop, we regard our hemp products for being locally farmed and sourced in Oregon, not synthesized in a lab. This keeps our hemp flower Elektra and Lifter strains, Delta 8 cart, and delta 8 tincture, as natural as possible. Our hemp is organically grown and brought to our USA-based manufacturing building to keep everything made in America for the highest quality available.

You won’t find the type of quality, assortment, or flavor like here at Delta 8 THC Shop!

CBD Hemp Oil

From our Organic Oregon Hemp Flower Farm


High-End Hemp Wax

Hemp Edibles

Crafted with the Most Popular Recipes & Flavors


Ready to Light Up

Delta 8 Cartridges

Effective & Delicious

Premium Hemp Flower

Each a Perfect Bud

The Proof is in Each Puff

Read What Customers Say About Our Delta 8 Hemp Flowers & Other D8 Products

Absolutely loves my product and the extras that came with it! Will definitely be ordering again soon! Thank you so much!

Molly / Trustpilot

I’ve been a regular now for about a month, slowly trying your products. Very impressed with the D8 flower quality and the tincture was much stronger than I expected. It was worth the buy.

Hunter / Trustpilot

I’m very happy with the service and products, were exactly as promised. Can’t ask for more, I will be back to try more Options. Thank you!!

CJ / Trustpilot

Hemp Farm & Lab Standards Are Our Priority

We’re not joking when we say that our organic-grown and naturally sourced Hemp Flowers are legit. We maintain the top standards of farming hemp without the use of pesticides. Why buy natural hemp if it’s loaded with chemicals? It’s also Non-GMO to keep up with the highest organic qualifications. We ensure that the hemp seeds are sown fresh from the very beginning and harvested with care from our experienced hemp growing farmers.

With Delta 8 being a fresh take on THC products, we took the extra step to have our hemp tested for the cannabidiol content once it’s harvested. This provides us with the on-paper assurance for top-quality hemp and the validity of the components that make up the properties of authentic, natural Delta 8 THC hemp.

Fly on the Perfect High!