What 2021 Offers for the Growing Cannabis Industry

growing cannabis

If you thought that a pandemic would slow down the cannabis industry, boy, do we have news to tell you. Nearly $18 billion dollars was spent on legal weed in 2020, which is a 67% increase from 2019. The ever-growing cannabis industry is not burning out anytime soon, and for 2021, the possibilities are bigger! We’re talking more legalization and fewer restrictions on growing cannabis. Let’s take a look at what this New Year will potentially bring for both user and distributor. 

The Future for Legal Weed States

In 2020, there were five states that legalized weed for medical and recreational use. The doors have been pushed wide open for decriminalizing cannabis altogether, though from the federal state of legalization, there’s still a bit of a hill to climb there. The Farm Bill 2018 allowed for Hemp-derived sales and ushered in a new playing field for all things cannabis. 

From CBD Oil, edibles, dispensaries popping up on every corner, to the now cool kid on the block, Delta 8 THC, the market became saturated by September 2020. For the lingering states that still haven’t legalized cannabis, it’s only a matter of time before votes are passed and all 50 states embrace an industry that offers boundless resources. 

2021 is now looking like the Golden Age of Weed. The opportunities for the economy follow the same verticals of cannabis sales, with the ability for investments, more employment, and new innovation all blend into a synergy revolving around legal weed.

If you have any doubts about it, then just take a look at the numbers:

  • 111 million Americans use legal hemp products 
  • 16 states have fully legalized recreational and medical cannabis laws
  • 37 states are fully legal for medical marijuana 
  • 75% increase in annual sales in 2020 compared to 2019
  • Monthly spending on cannabis products increased from 25% to 40%

As for criminality with past cannabis use, as of January 1st, Illinois expunged almost 500,000 arrests for possession from 2013 through 2019. Nearly 10,000 more low-level cannabis conviction records were pardoned as well by the governor of Illinois. This action was mandated by the state’s legalization law that went into effect in 2019. 

The war on drugs has taken a steep turn, and from a battle with illegal marijuana since the early 1900s, this tipping point could pave the way to a bright new future. Projections estimate that the legal hemp industry will reach $24.5 billion in 2021. Employment rates for the cannabis industry are even set to be over 250% by 2028. Do you still think cannabis won’t be 100% legal in the next decade? 

Finding the Right Weed Dispensary For You

If you’re in a legalized weed state, you might find an abundance of dispensaries or few and far between. New York only has 38 licensed weed dispensaries, whereas Florida has over 300. The high demand makes eCommerce placement for buying weed online more fortuitous than ever before. 

While a local weed dispensary works well in a pinch, the real investment for your time and money is in online stores, as you will easily find as the biggest commodity for the growing cannabis industry. You’ll find a bigger selection of hemp flower strains, edibles, carts, and other legal weed creations that aren’t typically offered in a weed dispensary. 

With Delta 8 THC being a legal THC product, unlike Delta 9 THC, buying it online is more available than locally too. Delta 8 offers a milder head high with a full-body effect that promotes creativity, productivity, and no couch-lock, paranoia, or anxiety attacks. You can go about your day faded af and not show it or be completely out of commission like when you light up a regular joint. 

With funky options like Delta 8 peanut brittle, honey sticks, and Delta 8 syrup, plus all the mainstream hemp flower strains and carts, you’ll find that your exploration with legal cannabis far exceeds that of regular marijuana. You gotta try it for yourself to see what we mean. Shop now and score the best deals you’ll find at D8 THC Shop!

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