How To Make Cannabis Edibles: Are They Better Than Buying Them?

How To Make Cannabis Edibles: Are They Better Than Buying Them?

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With stress becoming a norm in our lives, we all need a happy pill to get away once in a while. Now your definition of a happy pill might be different than ours, but for some us, there is nothing better than a strong buzz on a Saturday night. 

With the U.S. law legalizing marijuana, people have not only come up with creative ways of getting stoned but have also made it a holiday staple – from thanksgiving dinners to weekend getaway breakfast – weed is a new addition in every great recipe. 

However, it’s not all that easy! 

You can’t just garnish weed on your favorite store-bought dessert mix. Instead, you need to go through a process, which requires a certain amount of knowledge, to ensure that you’re crafting the perfect batch of edibles while staying safe. 

Hey! Don’t be bummed. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about making cannabis edibles right at home. Plus, we’ll also help you decide whether it’s more convenient than grabbing some edibles from your nearest dispensary. 

Edibles vs. Traditional – What Gives A Better High?

If you’re used to smoking pot, and it’s becoming too monotonous – this one is for you! 

Compared to puffing a joint the traditional way, through a vape pen or a dab rig, edible weed gives you a much stronger high. While it takes slightly longer to kick in, it definitely lasts for hours; a feeling that won’t stay with you for too long if you smoke up. 

If you’re wondering why there’s such a difference when you’re basically getting stoned on the same thing, you’re not alone. Well, that’s mainly because edibles are absorbed through your liver and converted into hydroxy THC quicker, making them more potent. 

Now, the benefit of making Delta 8 THC edibles is that you won’t get that couch-lock sensation when you cook up some dessert weed – instead you get the good high without any of the pitfalls you usually get from regular THC edibles. 

How To Make Cannabis Edibles At Home 

We know, we know, you’re pretty excited to get started but make sure to follow these three easy steps to ensure you’re staying safe. Contrary to popular belief, you can, in fact, overdose on edibles as well. 

  • Step 1: Decarboxylating the Weed 

If you want the best high, it’s vital to decarboxylate the weed before you get started. The process is not as long and tiring as the name makes it out to be. In fact, you only have to heat the weed till the THCA converts into THC.

  • Step 2: Churning Some Fresh Cannabutter 

To start, make some cannabis butter using your favorite strain. All you need is some butter, water, and a few ounces of cannabis. Heat the butter to warrant that the THC is evenly distributed. 

The cannabutter will give you a base for infusion of the weed to add in your recipes. 

Measuring the Dose

This one depends entirely on how much you want to add in your recipes. If you’ve got around, say, 3 grams of weed – it’s best to use a cup of butter. Do some quick math to tweak the ratios according to your desired measurements. 

  • Step 3: Add the Infusion in Your Recipe 

Now all you have to do is add the weed infusion to your choice of recipe and cook until it’s done. 

You’re one step closer to a smooth day ahead!  

Most Loved Recipes 

If you’re confused about which recipes work best for cannabis edibles, we’ve got two of the most loved cannabis recipes for you. These ones are definitely worth a shot. 

Good Ol’ Pot Brownies 

I mean this one is a classic, right?

Choose your favorite brownie recipe and simply swap the regular butter amount with your homemade cannabutter. Mix it in evenly so that the THC is distributed well in your mix. Now bake your brownies and enjoy your high!

Relaxing Cannabis Tea 

Nothing sounds better than a hot cup of tea to unwind the day’s long stress. Wait – there is something that sounds better – A hot cup of cannabis tea! 

Make tea as you normally would and add in your cannabutter. This potent cup will do you right.

Homemade Edibles or Store-bought Edibles: What’s Better? 

We’ll skip the long talk and make it easier for you to choose between the two. 

At a glance, here are the benefits of homemade cannabis edibles over store-bought edibles: 

  • Can be added in your choice of favorite recipes
  • You can control the ingredients that go in the recipes
  • You can control the amount of weed used
  • No fraud or hygiene issues
  • Cheaper to make at home

But now here’s the benefits of buying edibles over homemade:

  • No wait time. When you want a cannabis treat, it’s ready and waiting for you
  • Higher quality. If you’re not a pro at selecting the right hemp flower bud, your homemade treats could end up tasting like dirt or have a bad texture when you eat them. Edibles bought from a reputable dispensary like D8 THC Shop will have the best flavor, high, and texture!
  • Preserved freshness and longer expiration dates are guaranteed when you buy versus making them at home.
  • Easier to transport. Edibles are much easier to travel with instead of homemade in Tupperware containers or thermos’.

So, if making cannabis edibles at home seems too much of a hassle for you, reach out to us at D8 THC Shop. With our delicious and potent D8 cannabis edibles for sale – you might just get the high you were looking for (😉 ).